I’m officially adopting ĒDITO….

You know, every once in a lifetime you chance upon a love so grand that you stop and take check of where you have been for the last 10 years and how you got this far in life without fully comprehending the beauty of a love so bold.

Well for this photographer I stumble on a love like the above every couple of months when I walk through the doors of ĒDITO to photograph their new range. 

ĒDITO is a carefully considered warehouse located in Nelson, NZ, within the walls of this design hub is the most stunning selection of furniture, decor and artwork, every piece hand picked, scrutinised and screaming sophistication making this design hungry photographer week at the knees.

I want to adopt ĒDITO and keep it at the foot of my bed.

Not only do Char and Paul have the most fantastic eye for style but they surround themselves with a dedicated and educated team of staff who are always friendly and ready to offer styling solutions for their vast and diverse clientele.

Anyway, enough blah blah (sucking up for a discount on a couch….wink….wink….wink)…..

Follow them over here…..



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